Tracey is an adaptable and engaged museum professional who is passionate about increasing access to museums and their collections. Having worked across multiple disciplines, Tracey brings a range of experience and insight to every project. Her knowledge of collections and audiences provide a fantastic platform to improve visitor experience and access within the sector. Adam Ryall-Waite, Barnsley Museums. 

‘Tracey was instrumental in putting my exhibition guide together and organising funding for it through the EnRich charity. Tracey’s introduction was wonderfully written, insightful yet easily accessible to the reader. As a friend the Q&A she conducted with me was relaxed and conversational. I look forward to working with Tracey again on another project in the future.’  Richard Kitson, Artist. 

“Tracey was a pleasure to work with, she was diligent and her writing on women artists is thorough”. Fiona Stephenson, Artist.  

“Tracey’s contribution to Barnsley Museums’ service is of the highest order. Her genuinely receptive front of house style is a great asset to both Experience Barnsley and Cooper Gallery. It is however the informed level and range of her clear personal and professional awareness of, and interest in the Arts which in my view make her such a valued colleague. ”  Mel Dyke, Author, Lecturer and educational consultant.

“Tracey is an exceptional individual whose knowledge, patience and kindness frequently come to the fore as part of her work within Barnsley Museums. Able to enhance visits by both the general public and researchers alike, Tracey is a real asset to a great town”.  Dr Joann Fletcher, Professor, Egyptologist and Author.

“Tracey brings her experience both as a Trustee and as part of the wider Collections Team to meetings and has been active in implementing new fundraising ideas for the Trust and in setting up a Steering Groups to facilitate better communication and coordinate activities. Tracey is always professional and confident in presenting to the Board and is a strong voice for the team. Recently Tracey spoke at the Institute of Fundraising Convention outlining the successes and challenges that the Trust has faced on its fundraising journey. Tracey was a brilliant ambassador for the Trust, speaking confidently and passionately about her work. Her contribution brought the session to life and was very well received by delegates who were eager to learn more and share their stories. She is a pleasure to work with and always keen to help out and make the most of every opportunity that is available to her”. Cath Longley, Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust.

“Tracey participated in and completed the Next Generation programme in 2021-22. Tracey developed in being able to fully contribute and to host a session at the Cooper Gallery where she gave a presentation about the service. Tracey has been a positive member of the group, always willing to share her experiences and to take on board any learning. She has shared her reviews and reflections and has demonstrated her ability to make changes to both her practice and any relevant policies and procedures. Tracey is now in a position where she feels able to focus on developing her role in the heritage sector and applying her skills and knowledge”. Jane Walton, Yorkshire and Humberside Federation of Museum and Galleries.